And Other Stories


This site is more for writing than establishing any kind of social presence, but I would be remiss to be stuffy and not enjoy the opportunity for friendly webring shenanigans. Plus, there are a lot of really cool sites that are well worth checking out. I'll probably also link anything else that feels worth sharing online but isn't quite in line with the point here enough to formally add to the archive. I have some vague plans, but we'll see.

LUS is a site about talking about movies. It has all the fun of casual internet reviews, without actually being a review. And really, who goes to reviews for the actual scoring these days? This has insight, humor, finding out a movie existed you might not otherwise have heard of, and a sampling of choice tunes from it. It also sports a navbar inspired by the very best.

Remiku is a fun site with mostly whatever the owner feels like putting on it. Talk of Vocaloids, fun art, lovely clip art galore, and a navigation scheme I may yet one day understand.

Nanempire is a site I am really excited for, though it's still in the works. The snazziest manner of being under construction I can imagine, though. I've never been happier to have a website call me a peasant and politely ask I go away.

Let's Learn Together has a plethora of pages with information about a wide variety of topics. There's a lot of short informative articles, some fiction pieces, and more. It's a site that really lives up to its name and then some.

Automatic Llama is a site with an excellent name that also happens to play host to a lot of fun art, neat visual experiments, and some entertaining text posts.

Bikobatanari has some of the most gorgeous art I've seen on this site. It's just lovely and super impressive.

Meersalz Insel is a pretty, tranquil site about an inn, the sea, a witch, and other nice things. I'm not really sure how to describe it and that might be part of the charm.

Aegi's Cafe is the nicest cafe I've ever been to. Admittedly, I don't go to cafes or even drink coffee, but I'm sure it would be if I did. Real beverage buildings wish they could look as nice as pixel art. Fun to explore.

Shiitake Worsthand is an irreverent website I really ought to look at more. You should look at it more, too. I was not paid to say this. But really, it's fun and funny and then sometimes sneaks up on you with insightful points and things to think about.

Writings from the Furnace is what it sounds like, at least if you expect a furnace to write things like interesting contemplations of time and history.

Rainstorms in July is a site with original fiction. A lot of original fiction. It's quite cool and big and has a snazzy scratchy handwriting look to it, and the writing itself is very nice. I could read the prose for days.

Sanhyo is a gorgeous mess of a website. I wasn't around for Geocities, but the charm I hear it had is present here in spades and .gifs.

Metaparadox is a site full of a lot of neat little things, all set against a gorgeous sparkly background.

Also, while I'm at it, have a fancy way to go back to the index. Why not? (And you're free to link to this site with this button, if you want. Although, despite the text, make sure to include the ity in the URL; is someone else's site, though seemingly dead for five years.)