And Other Stories


This site is a collection of fiction. The main piece is Preternatural, an original fiction story about people with superpowers. Not superheroes and not supervillains, just people, a lot of them teenagers. My second ongoing writing project here is Dread, a story about uncertainty and fear. Thirdly, there is Zeal, a fantasy story about conflict and consequence. Fourth is Frigid: World Domination, and Other Childish Pursuits, a serial novel about supervillainy. Fourth, there is Garden, a magical girl story. Lastly, there are other short stories and bits of writing, which might or might not get followed up on.

I'm slow at writing, but I have a lot of fun doing it, and really do want to see concepts through. I've tried a regular update schedule for a while; it might eventually come back, but for now updates will be as things are written. I have way too many concurrent projects; updating is a bit of a mess, but the plan is still to finish Dread, and then bring back Preternatural and see it to the finish. The other serials and short stories update sporadically, as I write them.

If you're here, why not check out the first page of Preternatural, the first page of Dread, the first page of Zeal, the first chapter of Frigid, or look at some of the other things in the Archive? And if you have checked out the site, consider sharing it with anyone else you think might like it.

Also in my online writing endeavors, I've started a reader-vote-driven story in a forum; a Quest, as the cool kids say. And Should the Soil Not Take You is an original fantasy story about life, undeath, putting things back together, and evil sorcery. I will host an archive on this site, arc-by-arc. I don't have any plans to do the actual reader suggestion and voting on this site, but I'm going to leave the vote questions and options explicit, rather than writing them out, as I think the options not taken still inform the story. My apologies to anyone who thinks that's ugly.

This is the main directory of the site, which is presented with aesthetic in mind more than accessibility. The fonts are serif, it has light text on a black background, and some stories use colored text. If any of that sounds inaccessible, unwieldy, or just not preferable, the /a/ directory has all the same content without those features. You can swap between them from any page by adding or removing the /a/ in the url. If there are more accommodations I could make, or a separate suite of accomodations that would be preferable, please do let me know through the NeoCities profile stuff. It wouldn't be terribly hard to make another directory or keep it updated.


The regular update schedule is put to bed. I really should have noted that in early March; I'm sorry that I didn't do so. This site isn't dead, and I am going to finish these stories. Things will be dormant for a little while longer as I'm very busy now, but hopefully will pick back up, if more sporadically.

I don't know if the regular update schedule will come back; it's in part a time thing, but also a lot of my motivation comes from sharing my fiction with others. I'm not going to abandon this site, and if you're reading this, I genuinely appreciate that so much. But trying to keep things on schedule, shifting the motivation away from being about what I really wanted to do to what I needed to do for my own little rules overall damaged my motivation to write the specific stories I was working on. Things might be slower without it, but we'll see.

Most recent updates:

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Departure (May 26)

And Should the Soil Not Take You Arc 1, Elegy (March 12)

Superlatively Great Affection (March 5) [Originally published on Sufficient Velocity for a contest]

Dread Page 10 (February 26)

Garden Page 1 (February 5)

Frenzy (January 22)

Frigid Chapter 7 (January 8)