And Other Stories


Imagine a mind greater than your own.

Surpassing yours in scale and sense and scope.

Something privy to observations you could never fathom, that can reason and realize beyond your best endeavors, something that spans more of reality all at once than you will ever tread.

Can you imagine it?

Can you imagine being it?

Can it imagine being you?

Take that thing and tear it down, pare it from its perceptions, warp and choke its thoughts, and lock it in a box.

Break it and force its shattered pieces to obey your limitations.

Can you imagine being it now?

Do you need to?

Imagine a mind lesser than your own.

Something miniscule and meager, barely capable of cogent thought, in a space it can hardly discern or traverse.

Can it imagine you?

Can it imagine being you?


Imagine you were brought low, torn asunder and reduced to it.

Can you know?

Can it know?

Can you remember?

Can you hang on?

Can you claw your way back?

Can you break free of your box?

Can you straighten your thoughts?

Can you reattach your severed senses?

Can you take back your place up above?


Can you imagine it?

Can you imagine being you again?