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This is a collection of original fiction, mostly of the short or unfinished form. Most of it is fantasy of some form or another, pseudomedieval, futuristic, contemporary, or something a little weirder. Poke around in the Archive and see what sorts of things there are. Any images on the site are things I made messing around in Paint.NET. The fonts in use are Libre Baskerville and Fondamento, which are pretty neat.

This is the main directory of the site, which is presented with aesthetic in mind more than accessibility. The fonts are serif, it has light text on a black background, and some stories use colored text. If any of that sounds inaccessible, unwieldy, or just not preferable, the /a/ directory has all the same content without those features. You can swap between them from any page by adding or removing the /a/ in the url. If there are more accomodations I could make, or a separate suite of accomodations that would be preferable, please do let me know. It wouldn't be terribly hard to make another directory or keep it updated.

If you want to contact me, the ways to do so can be found here.

If you want to see some other things some friends of mine are doing on Neocities, do click here. If you want to see other things I'm doing on Neocities, like visual art and anything else that isn't fiction writing, please do check out Quasi-Stellar, my other site.

I doubt this will really come up, but if anyone wants to write fanfiction, create fanart, roleplay my characters, or borrow concepts or descriptions for characters or settings or stories of your own, you're more than welcome. I think you could do all those things even if I didn't give permission, but this is me explicitly giving it in case anyone wants it.

The main focus of this site is Preternatural, so if you clicked this link to get a more detailed About for that:

Preternatural is a story about people with superpowers. It's focused on exploring the lives the characters lead, the world they inhabit, and the way their stories fit together. It will be composed of several semi-separate narrative “threads”, each with its own point of view character.

Despite the flagrantly fantastic premise, the story is intended to be fairly grounded and realistic, in terms of people's actions and their consequences. The tone and genre likely will vary over the course of the story and between threads, but that core should remain.

Every city and town named in the story is intended to be completely fictional, while states and countries aren't. There will probably be some accidental overlap with actual place names because of that, but it's purely coincidental. For instance, Polk isn't modeled after any real Polk, though those definitely do exist. In general, the world of the story didn't quite match our own, even before the fantastic elements started cropping up.

This is my first major writing project, which I've finally started to work on after a lot of planning and iterating endlessly on ideas. Updates are pretty likely to come slowly, but I think I really have a story worth telling and am going to do my best to completely tell it. It won't be a masterpiece, but it should be fun.

Preternatural uses colored text for dialogue, spoken and typed, mostly in lieu of said statements. This makes it easier to tell who is saying what at a glance, and simulates voice with a visual cue. Text is written the way the character in the story wrote it, blatant flaws and all, because I find that more engaging.