A Vision

A circular stage sits atop a hill. The heavy black curtains are drawn aside, and reflected colors dance on the polished wood. A starry night sky can be glimpsed behind swirling, shifting patterns of color. A hole yawns in the air, and light streams forth, refracting into colors and bending to join the panoply above, in strange, impossible orbits.

Inky black water laps at a beach of glassy sand. Something is lurking under the waves, extending swaying black tubes up towards the sky. Five are shorter than the others, one still budding, four cleanly cut halfway.

Rows upon rows of strings of varying lengths, each stretched taut, extend out from an off-white box. Atop the box sits a set of keys, but not enough for every string.

Eight mirrors arranged in a ring, all facing the center. The sounds of chatter bounces around the ring, but the sleeping figure in the center doesn't stir.

A classroom sits empty, except for the eyes staring out from every wall, desk, and window.

A girl stares at her reflection in a still lake. She sees a monster staring back.

Countless stark lights shine down on an empty seat from all angles, but the seat across from it is still hidden from view.

A narrow room cramped between walls that extend up out of sight. On one end is a door, below an emergency exit sign.

Eight bubbles, enclosing scenes like snowglobes. Eight among many, dotting a surface too vast to describe.

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